Responsible Sourcing

P&G is committed to responsible palm oils sourcing. In 2021 we are renewing our Palm Sourcing Policy and accelerating our RSPO certified palm oils goals for our brands.

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P&G Palm Oils Policy 2021

P&G is committed to responsible sourcing of palm from suppliers and via supply chains that protect eco-systems from conversion and deforestation and respect human rights including labor rights and land tenure rights. P&G’s direct suppliers are expected to be members of Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and to have the necessary policies and procedures in place to comply with 2018 RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) and follow P&G’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for External Business Partners.

In 2021 we have revised and reviewed our P&G Palm Oils Policy, which covers both environmental and social expectations.

P&G Palm Oil Policy and Supplier Expectations


At P&G respect for Human and Labor rights is fundamental to the way we manage our business. We support the U.N. Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights which respects and honors the principles of internationally recognized human rights including:

  • Those rights expressed in the International Bill of Human Rights
  • The principles concerning fundamental rights as set out in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

For P&G's Human Rights Statement

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For Further Information on P&G Palm 2021 Policy:

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For P&G’s Responsible Sourcing Expectations for External Business Partners

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P&G Palm Responsible Sourcing and RSPO Certification Goals 2021

P&G’s Responsible Palm Sourcing Policy and Supplier Expectations holds all suppliers to the same high standards with respect to No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE). This applies to all our palm oils purchases regardless of whether the oils are RSPO certified or not. Suppliers must comply with our P&G Palm Oil Policy, P&G Responsible Sourcing Expectations for External Business Partners and RSPO’s 2018 P&C’s.

In 2021, based on our progress throughout 2020, we have updated and accelerated our RSPO Certification Goals:

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Goals: Palm Oils Used in P&G Brands:

We are accelerating our goals by 12 months to deliver 100% RSPO certified palm oils used in our brands by end 2021. We will:

  • Maintain 100% RSPO certified Segregated (SG) Palm Oil Supply, achieved in 2018
  • Maintain 100% RSPO certified Segregated (SG) or Mass Balance* (MB) Palm Oil Derivative
  • Accelerate our transition to 100% RSPO Mass Balance Palm Kernel Oil by end 2021

*for materials where RSPO Segregated supply is not available.

Goal: Palm Oils Used for External Sales by P&G Chemicals

All Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oils used by P&G Chemicals (PGC) must comply to P&G’s Palm Oil Policy and Supplier Expectations. Palm Oil supplied by PGC is 100% RSPO certified. For Palm Kernel Oil - we'll continue to work with industry stakeholders to identifyways to grow availability and demand for RSPO certified palm kernel oil. This includes through partnership programs like RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard (RISS) and Landscape (Jurisdictional) approaches.

Our Progress will be reported annually:

P&G Responsible Palm Oils Data Sheet

Supply Chain Traceability and Transparency

At P&G we recognize the importance of Supply Chain Traceability to help us ensure Responsible Sourcing and on-going Compliance Monitoring. We also understand the importance of sharing information about our Supply Chain transparently. The following information will be published bi-annually:

P&G Tier 1 Palm Supplier List:

covering ~ 98% of all P&G direct palm oils purchased (circa based on 2020 purchases: 520,000/580,000 MT). For the latest List:

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P&G Palm Mill Supply List:

Covering 98% traceability of Palm Oils supply to Mills. For the latest List:

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