At P&G, we are committed to eliminate deforestation and respect human and labor rights in our wood pulp and palm oil supply chains.

P&G Perspective on Forestry
River surrounded by forest

Forests are critical to supporting virtually all life on earth. Increases in world population and pressure from economic demands are increasing threats to the world’s forests. These threats are especially high in tropical regions where deforestation and loss of high-conservation-value areas are already occurring. The good news is that forests are one of our most-renewable resources and by collaborating with numerous private and public sector organizations we can make progress in achieving our zero deforestation and forest degradation goals and protecting habitat which benefits people, business, wildlife, and local economies.

Our efforts are based on our commitment to ensure the responsible management of the world's forests and our conscientious use of forest products. Although we do not own or manage commercial forests, many of our products and packages are dependent on raw materials from the forest-based supply chains. Therefore, we recognize the key role we must play through our procurement and manufacturing practices to ensure the sustainability of the world's forest resources.

Wood pulp for tissue/towel and absorbent hygiene products, wood fibers used in paper packaging, and palm oil for our laundry and beauty products are strategic commodities where our sourcing practices can have the greatest impact on ensuring responsible use of the world's forest resources.

P&G Commitments on Forestry

To achieve these goals, P&G has increased the scale, pace, and rigor of our forestry efforts and made the following commitments:

  • P&G requires that 100% of the wood pulp we source is certified by one of these 3rd party certification systems (Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) which include criteria related to protecting both environmental and social values of forests. For every tree we use, at least one is regrown.
  • P&G Family Care brands have met our commitment to source 75% FSC certification by 2022 and have the ambition to reach 100% FSC certification by 2030. Also, P&G Family Care is committed to 100% recycled fiber in our fiber-based packaging by 2023.
  • P&G uses 100% RSPO certified palm oils in our Brands.
  • P&G aims to have 100% of paper packaging be recycled or 3rd party certified virgin content.
Forestry Practices Reports