P&G Environmental Sustainability: Leading the Way

    Message from Virginie Helias

    Virginie Helais

    Virginie Helias

    Chief Sustainability Officer

    We are committed to improving people’s lives with irresistible superiority that is sustainable. We create value by making sustainability an integral part of our vectors of superiority, building on the strength of science-based pillars—Climate, Waste, Water and Nature. We are building transformative partnerships to help solve some of the world’s most pressing global challenges where we can make the biggest difference. Through this ESG Investor Portal, we’re also ensuring P&G shareowners can find data on key frameworks, including TCFDSASBCDP, and GRI 102.

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    Our Ambition 2030 goals support our company and brand’s ability to positively impact our homes, our communities and our planet. At its foundation is improving the livelihoods of people across our operations, supply chain and the communities we serve. We are continuing to create products that encourage responsible consumption, reduce our manufacturing footprint, and strive for more circular approaches in our supply chain. We cannot achieve these goals alone. This will require partnership across the private, nonprofit and public sectors and involve every aspect of our business. To learn more about our projects and partnerships around the world, please visit Mapping Our Impact.