Company Strategy

Company Strategy

Company Strategy

“We delivered another year of strong results with balanced top and bottom-line growth and strong cash generation, exceeding each of our in-going targets. We built strong momentum prior to the pandemic and have strengthened our position further. As we look forward to fiscal 2022, we expect to continue to grow top-line and bottom-line and to deliver another year of strong cash return to shareholders despite a challenging cost and operating environment.”


Chairman, President and CEO

Our strategic choices are the foundation for balanced top- and bottom-line growth.
We believe they position P&G to serve consumers' heightened needs and changing behaviors



in 10 categories—daily use products where performance drives brand choice.

Extending our margin of competitive


Product, package, brand communication, retail execution, and value.

We’re driving


improvements in cost and cash to fund these investments and improve profitability.

We’re leading the


across the value chain in our industry in order to meet challenges

More focused, agile, accountable


operating at the speed of market.

P&G’s 10-Category Portfolio

We’ve focused and strengthened P&G’s portfolio in daily-use categories where product performance drives brand choice.



Superiority to Win with Consumers

We have taken a deliberate step to invest in and advance the superiority of products and packages, brand communication, retail execution and consumer & customer value. Together, these five elements drive category growth, prevent commoditization and provide the basis to build sustainable competitive advantage.

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Products so good, consumers recognize the difference.
Superior products raise expectations for performance in the category

Packaging that attracts consumers, conveys brand equity, helps consumers select the best product for their needs, and delights consumers during use

Product and packaging benefits communicated with exceptional advertising that makes you think, talk, laugh, cry, smile, act and buy — and that drives category and brand growth

In-store: with the right store coverage, product forms, sizes, price points, shelving and merchandising. Online: with the right content, assortment, ratings, reviews, search and subscription offerings

For consumers: all these elements presented in a clear and shoppable way at a compelling price. For customers: margin, penny profit, trip generation, basket size, and category growth


We’re driving cost savings and efficiency improvement in all facets of our business — cost and cash productivity up and down the income statement and across the balance sheet.

Productivity is now as integral to our culture as innovation and helps to fuel our investments in superiority.

Constructive Disruption

To win in today’s dynamic world, we must lead the constructive disruption of our industry across all areas of the value chain: innovation, brand building, supply, and digitization & data analytics.

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Organization & Culture

A more empowered, agile and accountable organization, flowing to new demands, seamlessly supportting each other to deliver our priorities around the world.

Operating through five industry-based SBUs

Provide greater clarity on responsibilities & reporting lines

Strengthen leadership accountability

Enable P&G people to accelerate growth & value creation