Water Goals and Progress

Ambition 2030 Water Goals and Progress

Goal Progress through June 30, 2022
Reduce water in our operations by 2030
Increase water efficiency at facilities by 35% per unit of production (vs. a 2010 baseline) 27% increase per unit of production
Source 5 billion liters of water from circular sources 3.3 billion liters reused annually
Restore water for people and nature in water-stressed areas
Restore more water than is consumed1 at P&G manufacturing sites in 18 water-stressed areas around the world New Goal — progress to be reported end of 2023
Restore more water than is consumed2 when using P&G products in the high water-stressed metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Mexico City New Goal — progress to be reported end of 2023
Respond to water challenges through innovation and partnerships
Provide clean drinking water to children and families in need around the world: Provide 25 billion liters of clean water by 2025 through CSDW Program 20 billion liters of clean water provided through CSDW Program
Accelerate Water Innovation at Scale With the 50 Liter Home Coalition 50L Home city pilots are being planned for multiple countries around the world
Enable our Consumers to Reduce their Water Footprint P&G brands will continue efforts to develop innovations to help consumers use less water at home

Water that evaporates during the manufacturing of our products or is incorporated into the finished product manufactured at these sites.

Water from household leaks and evaporation during the use of our products.