Water Issues: Partnerships and Collaboration

    We recognize this is a complex issue that requires collaboration to solve and have already begun to join relevant efforts and organizations to address water issues.

    World Resources Institute (WRI) – Aqueduct Alliance Member

    The Aqueduct Alliance brings together leading companies, governments, and foundations to gain strategic guidance and industry insight from the WRI Water Team. P&G has been an active member since 2013. The WRI Aqueduct team is an integral partner in assessing exposure to water risk over time.

    California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC) – Member

    Five of our 18 priority basins are in the western U.S., and the majority of those are in the state of California. There is already a lot of great work going on within the state to protect and enhance California’s water resources. In order to contribute to these efforts, we joined a platform of diverse stakeholders who came together to pursue collective action projects that will improve water security in California. The California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC) was created in 2014 and is focused on building social capital for improved water management, returning water to natural systems and driving corporate water stewardship aligned with state and global water stewardship goals. We hope that being a part of this multi-sector organization will enable us to make a meaningful impact in our priority basins in California.

    Agua Capital – Board Member

    Agua Capital (Mexico City Water Fund) was created in 2018 as an innovative platform for collaboration among different sectors to contribute to the water security of Mexico City with emphasis on nature-based solutions. P&G became a board member for Agua Capital in 2019, joining many other companies, nonprofits, and foundations focusing on the overexploitation of aquifers, inefficiencies in infrastructure and operations, flood management and improvement of wastewater treatment and reuse. The Fund also intends to support analyses and generation of information that will foster proper planning, better policies and effective decision making related to water.

    Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) – Member

    P&G became a member in 2020 joining other companies, utilities, and individuals in the organization’s mission to promote the efficient and sustainable use of water.

    Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) - Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) - Program Partner

    BEF’s Business for Water Stewardship program that helps businesses advance smart solutions to ensure that communities, economies and ecosystems have enough clean water to flourish. P&G is working with the experienced team at BEF to turn our water goals into tangible impact in the right places.